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Protest in LA, WILDFIRE in San Lucas Quavini, Oaxaca

Por Areli Morales 

A protest in front of the Los Angeles Mexican Consulate was held this morning demanding Mexican government and state aid in combating the still uncontained wildfire that started last Sunday on the hillside of the Zapotec village of San Lucas Quiavini in Oaxaca’s Tlacolula Valley, 25 miles east of Oaxaca City that has since spread to neighboring towns of San Bartolome Quialana, San Francisco Guila, San Pablo Guila, Santo Tomas de Arriba, San Dionisio Ocotepec and Santiago Matalan. Burning through more than 400 acres of land according to the Oaxaca State Attorney General. The fire claimed the lives of five San Lucas Quiavini community members, Jose Hernadez, Pedro Curiel Lopez, Felipe Garcia, Celso Diego and Rafael Antonio Morales, who lost their lives in the attempt to control the fire without aid or equipment. 

San Lucas Quavini, Oaxaca

Municipal presidents and community leaders have been continuously urging State and National governments for helicopter intervention, ensuring that the current local effort, without adequate equipment, will not be able to extinguish the fire. Puebladores and volunteers have not stopped fighting the fires despite having little to no equipment or water. Armed with only shovels, backpack sprayers and bottled water carried are risking their lives to control the fires and their patromony. Recent droughts and water insecurities the region is facing have been among the largest hurdles in the attempt to control the wildfires. 

Fires combating efforts are also found in the 6 roadblocks along International Road 190 reported on March 1st, demanding helicopter aid. Pleading the Oaxacan Government’s help in requesting federal and international aid. Only letting firefighting supplies and water trucks through the lines. As of Monday, March 4th, a week after the initial spark, the efforts have seen the Mexican Navy helicopters in the affected areas of San Lucas Quiavini.

On-the-ground fire extinguishing efforts have been community-driven with financial support and donated through mutual aid of neighboring towns as well as US family and friends. Reaching affected communities with cash donations, smoke-resistant masks, lamps, shovels, machetes, food and water for volunteers. Los Angeles is where the concentration of extended family of the affected pueblos reside. LA has the largest number of Zapotec speakers globally outside of these indigenous towns. 

San Lucas Quavini, Oaxaca

Oaxacalifornia is the identifying marker for those first, second and third-generation oaxaqueños living in California who are leading the organizing effort state-side. Through Instagram and Zoom these often young, often US-born oaxaqueños are fundraising and organizing an international effort. The Instagram handle @comiteoaxacali was created as an organizing vessel “to centralize our efforts in the diaspora for our Indigenous Pueblos fighting the ongoing fires” The committee formed in the past week has organized multiple events this week. 

On Sunday, March 3rd a Kermes, a fundraiser baile, dance was held in Central LA from 11 am – 11 pm. Raffling paintings and goods as well as collecting donations for the families of the five victims. The response of the larger community was overwhelming, many state-side pueblos showed up in solidarity that the space was too small to fit all attendees and the food sold out multiple times. 

On Monday morning from 7 am- 10 am a protest in front of the Los Angeles Mexican Consulate was held. In a peaceful protest, the group with signs chanted “Los heroes son los tios, no los elegidos” The heros our our uncles not the elected officials. Nieces and nephews of the San Lucas Quiavini fallen heroes spoke to the pain and anger felt in the lack of response from the Mexican Government. Accusing the government of abandoning the indigenous pueblos affected and blaming the slow government response for the deaths of those five. Demanding help for indigenous pueblos, not just in combating the fire but in longer terms. 

@quechingados1 This morning, a powerful protest unfolded outside the Los Angeles Mexican Consulate. The community is calling for urgent action and support from the Mexican government and state agencies to battle the devastating wildfire that ignited last Sunday #oaxaca #oaxacamexico ♬ sonido original Que Chingados

On Monday evening, from 7 pm onward a Mutual Aid Griving Space is to be held in front of the Mexican Consulate on the MacArthur Park side. Welcoming folks to bring candles, photos, and flowers to honor the heroes. They will also be collecting donations that will be sent to the impacted pueblos. The most needed equipment is resistant masks that are not available in Oaxaca. 

For more information or to send virtual donations please send donations to 


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