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BarbieGamers goes from OnlyFans to Fanslys and this is what we know

Gamer.- The streamer and model BarbieGamers of Cuban origin, residing in Peru announced her abrupt departure from the OnlyFans adult content platform, this announcement caused a stir among the thousands of followers she has, on Reddit, Telegram and other networks where their fans talk.

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According to rumors, the content creator had left OnlyFans due to pressure from a boyfriend she has, but other versions indicate that she went instead to focus on creating content for the competition, Fanslys.


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Una publicación compartida por BarbieGamers (@roxytejeda09)

Although many users have indicated that there is very little content on said platform and therefore they do not plan to enter that account until there are more photos and videos; less because some point out that it is material that he already had on his old OnlyFans platform.

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A Reddit user pointed out that “bad news for all of the barbiegamers group, I deactivated onlinefans because now she has a boyfriend, he is called neutral, so she will no longer see barbiegamers content”, which did not leave her followers sad.

One indicated “A minute of silence for this moment”, while others said that she would be back soon.

If you have more information about what happened to this famous model and gamer, write in the comments section and we’ll add it.

Due to this, several users have asked to know who Neutro YT is, so we leave them who this streamer is.

According to his social networks, Neutro YT, he is a Peruvian youtuber and gamer, who performs direct with Twich, here we leave you some of his videos, we know it is not much “but it is an honest job”.

Apparently, Neutro also, as we saw, only has these networks, since there are no others where he appears, his relationship with Barbie has not been more than six months, well, since the information was uploaded on networks.

On the other hand, among the games that streams the most is Free Fire and participates in the og.esport_oficial team, Free Fire Professional team; the number of Neutro YT subscribers is 546 thousand and its content is gaming.


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