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K-Pop Idol Becomes Streamer With Adult Content

K-Pop world .- A former member of the K-Pop group DIA, Somyi, surprised her fans K-Pop has become very popular, but when it ends, its members face the complicated problem of setting a new course for their professional careers.


Those who do not enjoy that affection of the public, or belong to less renowned groups, may have difficulties to continue in the entertainment industry.

Streamer spent an embarrassing moment in the middle of the stream – ¡Qué Chingados! (

A former member of the K-Pop group DIA, Somyi, has drawn the attention of a large number of fans after opening her channel on an adult content streaming platform.

Numerous fans of the singer have expressed themselves very sincerely on social networks to show her rejection of this idol’s decision to enter a guild such as adult streaming.

DIA fans have been in absolute shock at the way events have unfolded. It will be necessary to see how the group faces its seventh year of activity, after so many problems to stand out, and even to make comebacks.

22-year-old Somyi participated in DIA’s promotional activities as its main dancer, vocalist, rapper, and maknae until the label announced that Somyi’s contract with the label had ended in 2022, five years after her debut.

On January 9, PocketDol Studio, the agency that manages DIA’s promotional activities, reported that the exclusive contract between the label and member Som-yi had been officially terminated after five years.

According to PocketDol Studio, Som-yi’s exclusive contract was terminated due to her health problems. Som-yi had joined DIA in April 2017 with the studio album titled ‘YOLO’.

The agency did not give any further clarification on the status of her contract termination, there have been many rumors in the Korean fandom that Somyi’s sudden transition to an adult broadcaster, also known as BJ, might be the reason behind the termination. sudden termination of your contract. DIA’s Som-yi was initially excluded from the group’s official comeback in June 2020 titled ‘Flower 4 Seasons’.

Fans also noted that Somyi had not been a part of the group’s activities for the past three years. Som-yi was later spotted as a BJ with the broadcast name ‘Chomyi’ (BJ Chomyi) on the Internet streaming platform Panda TV in November 2021, shocking many fans. KBJ stands for Korean Broadcasting Jockey or Korean BJ, which itself is a term synonymous with ‘Korean internet broadcasters’. These BJs broadcast to a live audience while doing a variety of activities such as talking to fans, mukbang (eating a large plate of food), or playing games.


In recent years, many Korean celebrities have become BJs due to low pay issues in the K-Pop industry. More and more shooting stars of Kpop decide to enter professional careers like this, out of despair of falling into oblivion and seeing each other again.

Details of the nature of Som-yi’s broadcasts are unknown, as these broadcasts are only accessible to Korean residents, Knetz revealed that Som-yi was seen broadcasting to fans dressed in skimpy clothing.

You can follow Somyi from her Instagram @ somsom_o0o, now with more than 85 thousand followers, and see what this former K-Pop star does with her life. Check her Instagram account, where she constantly uploads photos:

- ¿Que Chingaos? -

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