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OnlyFans: La Mars is back but now with adult content

OnlyFans.-Marcela Aguirre, better known as La Mars, has already left behind the scandal for a video that went online criticizing the educational system, which went viral and brought her criticism, now she creates erotic content to sell it on OnlyFans

OnlyFans: La Mars volvió pero ahora con contenido para adultos – ¡Qué Chingados! (

The young woman who goes from controversy to controversy, better known as La Mars, revealed that she has done very well selling her exclusive content on OnlyFans.

Now this young lady loves the spotlight and now she does it by putting out her OnlyFans exclusive content.

We don’t know if that was always her dream and if that’s why she dropped out of her studies, but that platform is feeding her quite well and she knows perfectly well how to be on trend.


- ¿Que Chingaos? -
- ¿Que Chingaos? -
- ¿Que Chingaos? -
- ¿Que Chingaos? -

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