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WILDFIRE in San Lucas Quavini , Oaxaca, Mexico

Por Areli Morales, Foto: Hugo Sernas

An uncontained wildfire tore through the hillsides of San Lucas Quiavini a Zapotec village in Oaxaca’s Tlacolula Valley. 25 miles east of Oaxaca City. Claiming the lives of five San Lucas Quiavini community members, after initially being reported as lost in the attempt to control the fire that started last Sunday and has burned through more than 400 acres of land according to the Oaxaca State Attorney General as published by Local news outlet La Jornada and el Quadratin.  

The San Lucas Quiavini community alongside neighbouring towns are tirelessly combating the fires with little equipment or water, organizing with neighboring towns to borrow helicopters and water which due to recent droughts and water insecurities the region is facing has been the largest hurdle in the attempt to control the wildfires which have spread to the neighboring towns of San Bartolome Quialana, San Francisco Guila, San Pablo Guila, Santo Tomas de Arriba and moved towards San Dionisio Ocotepec and Santiago Matalan.  Community members armed with only shovels, backpack sprayers and bottled water carried on their heads are risking their lives to control the fires. 

Despite the constant plea for government aid, aerial aid being the most requested, state and national governments have been slow to respond. Even though, National Guard troops and other governmental agents arrived to help this past Friday. The helicopters and equipment requested by the communities affected are yet to show up in the force needed to combat the growing emergency.  The smoke clouds are affecting the air quality of the entire region.

6 roadblocks along International Road 190 were reported on March 1st to demand aid in combating the forest fires of the zone and ensure that with current local effort, without equipment they will not be able to extinguish the fire. Requesting the Oaxacan Government help in requesting federal and international aid. 

With growing concerns from state-side residents of these villages stating that family members are going into the hillside without equipment or water. Mutual aid from neighboring communities and US-living community members has been aiding in the efforts.  Fundraiser efforts are reaching communities as cash donations, smoke-resistant masks, lamps, shovels, machetes, food and water for volunteers.  


If you wish to aid in the efforts please send your donations to 

Xtiosu Kitchen – San Felipe Guila


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Casa de Chocolates Oaxaca Relief Fund


In-person fundraisers Sunday, March 3rd 

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