InicioFarándulaOnlyFans model Daisukeshouta is a sensation with her Cosplayers

OnlyFans model Daisukeshouta is a sensation with her Cosplayers

Mexico City.- Daisukeshouta is an erotic and gaming model from Mexico City, with a presence on various platforms, including OnlyFans.


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OnlyFans: La Mars is back but now with adult content – ¡Qué Chingados! (

In social networks, she has thousands of followers, more than 6,000 users follow her on Instagram alone, more than 25,000 follow her on Twitter @Daisukeshoutaof, and more than 10,000 on her Tik Tok.



On the various platforms that she has, she shows her beauty and above all she takes photos with a gaming theme, for example with publications such as “I wish #overwatch were eternal” where she admits her taste for video games.

But this model also has her OnlyFans of hers, @daisukeexclusive where she presents her adult content and more daring content, in addition, she has a 50 percent discount these days.

- ¿Que Chingaos? -
- ¿Que Chingaos? -
- ¿Que Chingaos? -
- ¿Que Chingaos? -

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